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Cute Cat Again


This site is situated at the junctions of State highways 85 and 86 just north of Organ Pipe National Monument.

To get there turn south on State 85 from Interstate 8 at Gila Bend AZ. From there it is 42 miles to Ajo AZ. Then 10 miles to Why.

I included Ajo in these directions because this is where one should consider stocking up on major groceries etc. There are two store/gas stations in Why but there is more selection in Ajo. 

Proceed south on State Highway 85 at junction till you pass over a small bridge. Immediately after the bridge there is a dirt road to the right. You are there. In 1996, there was an RV park under construction at the north east edge of town. Water and sanitary dump facilities were available for a fee there.




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Last Updated: November 14, 1999