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( California ) 


This site is located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land south of State highway 78 on Vista Mine road. The road is approximately 6.6 miles west of where State 78 and road S34 intersect and about 5.2 miles east of the Southern Pacific Railway crossing on State 78 (Glamis). (see Long-Term Area Visitor Area map for intersection reference).

Vista mine road is gravel.

I have not visited this location but have been told that this is a favorite spot for sunbathers. The name of this location was given as Couple Dune and might be marked as such.  I'm sure the locals will know exactly where it is.

I think the reference to Couple Dune, or Unmarked Hot Spring, near Glamis California is way out of date.  We were down there in January and spent an afternoon looking.  What we did find in the approximate area is a fenced in well.  Power lines lead to it from Highway 78 and pumping seems steady.  A pipe leading off to a mine (I guess), about 12 inch steel, seems fairly warm and a leak at the well area that runs through the fence is definitely warm.  (We) went into Glamis and asked a storekeeper, and also a local dune buggy fixer, about a hot spring.  They claimed they had never heard about it.  It seems to me that it's like the "Oh My God Hotspring".  That one has been sealed for close to 20 years, but I was told about it in Yuma this winter as being current .  - VIC

Found on the Internet October 2009 - "Oh My God Hot Springs" is located on the west side of the Salton Sea just 3 miles from Salton City in Southern California.

Webmaster's Note:

The following map has been prepared in response to a number of queries for more a precise location of this site.  Although we were unable to provide more information other than the following map, an internet search reveals that there may be some new access and camping restrictions imposed on this area since this website was constructed.  If you intend to travel to this area, we suggest  that additional information be requested from the BLM.

The following text was extracted from documents published on the internet. 

Pursuant to Title 43 Code of Federal Regulations 8364.1, the Bureau of Land Management proposes to temporarily close parts of Federal land in Imperial County to camping to protect the resources, desert tortoise habitat and its associated plants and wildlife. The public land areas described below are approximately 40 square miles of public lands east of Glamis, Imperial County, California.

SUMMARY: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposes to temporarily close an area of public land to camping in Imperial County. The area lies east of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Management Area and is specifically described below. This proposed closure is to provide interim protection for a threatened species, the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizi). By taking this interim action, BLM contributes to the conservation of a threatened species in accordance with Section 7(a)(1) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), 16 U.S.C 1536(a)(1). BLM also avoids making any irreversible commitment of resources which would foreclose any reasonable and prudent alternatives which might be required as a result of the consultation on the amendment to the CDCA Plan in accordance with Section 7(d) of ESA, 16 U.S.C 1536(d). The proposed closure would remain in effect until a Record of Decision is signed on the North Eastern Colorado Desert Bio-regional Plan which is anticipated in September 2002. While the area would be closed to camping, driving on existing routes of travel would still be authorized. In addition, the proposed closure does not apply to private lands within the described area.

The area of the camping closure is a contiguous area described in two parts.

Part 1: To the north of State Highway 78 (78), an area bounded on the south by 78, on the west by Ted Kipf Road, on the east by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks (UPRR), and on the north by a connecting line between Ted Kipf Road and the UPRR at a point 12 miles northwest of 78. 

Part 2: An area north and south of 78, bounded in part to the southwest by the UPRR, to the extreme southeast by Olgilby Road, and to the northeast by the private property of the Mesquite Mine; and further bounded outboard to the north and east to a point of one (1) mile and parallel to the pattern and connections of the following three roads--78, Vista Mine Road, and Ted Kipf.

The Order for closure will be posted in the appropriate BLM Offices and at places near and/or within the area to which the closure or restriction applies.

For campers intent on avoiding the Fee Area(s) but still wishing to ride the Dunes, the most likely locations to camp are on the west side of the Dunes between the new and old Coachella Canals or on private lands near Boardmanville (T. 13S, R.18E, section 36) and along Vista Mine Road (T.14S, R.19E, section 16). In the first case, impacts to the flat-tailed horned lizard Management Area (MA) may occur if campers play ride to the west of the old Coachella Canal. In the second case, additional tortoise habitat could be disturbed near Boardmanville or along Vista Mine Road. 

Determined campers may also camp just on the outskirts of the closure along its northern boundary, east of the railroad, impacting tortoise habitat. If all campers in the area proposed forclosure go to these locations, as much as 300 acres of additional sensitive or threatened species habitat could be affected; however, BLM believes many of the campers will relocate to existing developed OHV campgrounds and does not expect full displacement to new undisturbed areas. If necessary, to prevent further impacts to tortoise or other sensitive species, BLM would implement additional appropriate management actions, possibly further closures.

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Last Updated: November 4, 2009