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Cute Cat

( California )


This site is located on the south side, 2.18 miles (3.5km), west on state highway 98 from junction of Interstate 8 and State 98 between El Centro and Yuma (see Long Term Visitor Area map). You will see a sign beside the road just before the turn off to the left. Also there will be a sign announcing the All American Canal Hydro Electric plant which is near the entrance of the LTVA.


This is a small area surrounded by tall trees that offer some shade on hot days. This area was once filled with the homes of personnel working at the Hydro Plant. Automation reduced the work force and the houses were torn down. There still are a few small slabs now used for RV's. The only on site service is garbage disposal.


Water, telephone etc. are available nearby at the rest area 15 miles east on Interstate 8 or 23.5 miles west at Holtville (see Special BLM Rules). There is not much activity at this site but it's just a short distance (15.5 miles) from Hot Springs LTVA for those who like peace and serenity plus a hot tub.


There is a no fee area between the LTVA and state highway 98. To get there you turn right immediately after leaving highway 98. There are two dirt roads along each side of the telephone poles between the highway and the LTVA access road. Either road leads to the same place. The brochure states that camping within 1 mile of the perimeter is not allowed.


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Last Updated: October 6, 2000