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To assure a minimal expense journey you must think about areas to stop along the route to and from California or Arizona. You should plan your route ahead of time and locate rest stops and truck stops along the route that could be used as overnight resting areas. Some of these provide water and sewage disposal stations although the most northerly ones, in winter, sometimes have these provisions turned off due to freezing.


The following information was accumulated on the routes that I have traveled to and from Alberta and British Columbia to these boondocking areas.

Routes Map


Exit numbers are based on mileage through the entire state while mileposts are based on mileage through each county. Although there are exceptions to the following rule elsewhere in the U.S.A., all exit and milepost numbers start at the western or southern border while progressively increasing in an easterly or northerly direction for all routes illustrated on this website .




Vancouver BC to Oregon Border via I-5

Okanagan Valley BC to Oregon Border & I-84 via Highways 97, State 28, State 281, I-90, I-82 (WA)

Coutts, AB / Sweetgrass, MT via I-5 to Junction I-84 

Washington to Oregon Border via I-82, I-84 junction, West to I-5 (OR)

Portland OR to Bakersfield CA via 1 & 3 (I-5 south)

To Quartzsite AZ via Hwys, State 58 through Bakersfield to Barstow, I-15 to Victorville, State 18, 247 and 62 to Palm Springs and I-10

South From Oregon Border Junction I-82, I-84 East, using Hwys I-84 (OR & ID)  to Exit 172 I-84 (ID)

South on State 93 (ID & NV), I-15 (NV), to Junction State 93 & I-15 NV

East (South) on I-84 (ID, UT & AR) to Junction I-15 (NV) and US93 (NV)

To Quartzsite AZ from Junction State 93 and I-15 via US 95, State 163 (NV) and State 95 (AZ)



A complete description of exits and milepost markers along Interstate 5 (I-5) can be found at



Rest area site coordinates shown on our routes pages can be copied and pasted directly into Google Maps, Google Earth or the search box of most browsers to physically see a mapped image of the site.  Google Maps provides a visual image of the site in "Street View".


A link has also been provided on the left hand column of each route chart web page to allow the display of these rest area sites as a Point of Interest (POI) in Google Earth or you may download the file for use on your personal GPS unit. Please note: This download link works differently with different browsers.




KMZ FILES:  Google Chrome opens the file directly into Google Earth, Firefox allows the option of opening Google Earth or saving the file while Internet Explorer incorrectly identifies the download file as a .zip file.  If you choose to use Internet Explorer, select Save to download the .zip file then change the .zip extension to .kmz. To open the downloaded file from within Google Earth, select File then Open your downloaded .kmz file to see the mapped image of all of the Boondocking Guide's rest sites.


MHT FILES:  Google Chrome does not handle this file very well and, for downloading purposes, use should be avoided.  Internet Explorer will open this file directly into Google Maps to display the POIs or you may right click your mouse and select Save Target As to save the file on your computer.  If you use Firefox, right click your mouse and use Save Link As to save the file on your computer.  To open the downloaded file from within Google Maps, select File then Open your downloaded .mht file to see the mapped image of all of the Boondocking Guide's rest sites.


*KMZ (Keyhole Markup Language) was developed for use with Google Earth which was originally named Keyhole Earth Viewer.  **MHT is a web page archive format developed by Microsoft to combine different file types into one document.



CONVERT FILES to different GPS formats (ie. Garmin, Tom Tom or Magellan) using the GPSBabel program. This free program can be downloaded here.


If you do not have access to a personal GPS unit, you may wish to download each of the rest area site charts in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf ).  A free copy of the Adobe Reader program can be downloaded using this Adobe link. 


Free GPS POIs (Points of Interest), including many of the rest area locations shown on the Boondocking Guide, are available in the appropriate format for your GPS unit at POI Factory.


Last Updated: September 20, 2012

Vancouver to Oregon Border Okanagan Valley to Oregon Border Washington/Oregon Border-West to I-5 Portland to Bakersfield Bakersfield to Quartzite via Palm Springs Quartzite via US95, State 163 and State 95 I-84 Oregon to Exit 172 Idaho US93 South to Las Vegas I-84 Idaho, I-15, I-515 to US93 Nevada