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( California)

PILOT KNOB LTVA - Sometimes called Sidewinder, this site is located at junction of Interstate 8 and Sidewinder Road approximately 10 miles west of Yuma AZ (see Long-Term Visitor Area map). Exit south on Sidewinder road. You'll see the area soon as you leave the freeway. The only service available here is garbage disposal (see special BLM Rules). Water and dump are at the Shell Service Station at the intersection. There is a fee for this payable at the service station. I wouldn't take on water here though as it isn't really that potable. Fuel, propane and limited groceries are also available.

The best place to take on water is the rest area approximately 10 miles west on Interstate 8. This is an ideal picnic area and has potable water. It's located in the Algodones Sand Dunes. A favorite spot for dune buggies etc., it  is located between these two sites at the Grays Well Interchange. Follow the signs after exiting. There are outdoor restrooms and garbage cans here. Some people stay here also but it is very noisy and dusty. There is a $30.00 yearly fee.

The main attraction of this location is it's proximity to the Mexican town of Algodones and it's shops. Most important are those which dispense prescription drugs, dental and other health services like glasses etc. The savings on these items are tremendous and is worth your while to stop if any of these items are needed. Watch, as the U.S. Customs have imposed restrictions on quantities of prescription drugs that you can bring across the border at one time.

There is a 14 day free area 3.3 miles west of here. To get there turn west on paved road at Shell gas station.

ANDRADE EXIT (I-8 & S186) California. There is a unmarked area in the North East quadrant of the Andrade intersection off I-8. (approx. 6 miles west of Yuma)  This is the exit to Algodones as mentioned in the data for Pilot Knob LTVA. This area is part of the Fort Yuma-Quechan Indian Reservation who charge an annual fee of $30 to park. The fee is collected by a tribal member who occasionally drops around for that purpose.. There are no local services. Services nearby are those mentioned for Pilot Knob LTVA.

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Last Updated: March 5, 2000