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This site is located north of Lovekin exit I-10 freeway, Blythe CA (see the Long-Term Visitor Area map).


Proceed north 6 miles on Lovekin then northwest 4.8 miles on Midland road. The LTV area is located on either side of Midland road.


There is a sanitary dump station approximately 1/4 mile south east of the LTVA bulletin board and garbage bins.  No water is available on site and facilities are monitored.  You'll see it to your left.


There is no water available on site, however, there is a free sanitary dump, garbage disposal and potable water station located in Millers Park at the first stop sign south of the Lovekin freeway exit in Blythe  (Also see boondocking restrictions in  EXCEPTIONS in BLM Rules).


Purchase of all supplies and services are available in Blythe.
















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Last Updated: March 4, 2010