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( Arizona ) 

This site is situated 18 miles north of Bowie AZ.  Exit Interstate 10 either at interchange 362 or 366.  Follow Business 10 to Bowie (see Hotwell Dunes Recreation Area map).

Follow paved road north for approximately 2 miles then turn right on Fan Road. This becomes a gravel road. Follow this road for 9.94 miles to Haekel road junction. Turn Left (north) on Haekel and proceed approximately 6 miles. This road is maintained by the BLM annually but can be a bit rough at times. You'll come to a small bridge with a dip in the road beyond. Immediately to your right is a narrow road. This road was partially obscured by shrubbery and could possibly be missed. Follow this road to the camping area nearby.

Bowie Access Map

From US Highway 70 exit south on Haekel road either 9 miles east from Safford or 1 mile west from the junction of US Highway 191. Proceed south on Haekel approximately 29 miles. 

This area was built by a local OHV club and is maintained by the BLM. I didn't see any personnel present in our stay there but I'm sure they occasionally come by. You'll find two beautiful large hot tubs there fed by an artesian hot spring. There was considerable effort in constructing these facilities. The camping areas are spacious with a large concrete picnic table and garbage can at each site. These sites are well shaded by low natural shrubbery.

There are no water or sanitary facilities here but there are public restrooms and showers available near the hot tubs. Provisions should be picked up in either Bowie or Safford before leaving. Some of the residents prefer to bathe nude but usually occupy one or the other tubs leaving one for those who prefer not to. This area can be noisy at times when the OHV club is using it but is serene and quite most of the time.

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Last Updated: June 16, 2003