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My name is C. Patrick (Pat) Waters and I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada when not on the road Boondocking.  I retired in 1993 and immediately invested in a new motor home in which to live and travel.  Since then, I have traveled over a great deal of the United States and Canada, usually boondocking in the Arizona and California areas for the warmer winter months.

Owning a large self contained motor home meant that the serviced space offered by commercial campground operators was usually too small, difficult to maneuver in and only required on special occasions in the first place.  Because my motor home already contained most luxuries offered at these commercial camping sites, during the first couple of years much of my time was spent looking for free or inexpensive sites to settle down for a few days.  Advice received from fellow boondockers and various governing authorities was most helpful while investigating many of the areas mentioned on this website.

I am now a bit more boondock smart and want to pass on my information to you. I would also enjoy adding your traveling experiences to this website for the use of boondockers that may be new to this way of life.

My brother, Adrian, who is the Boondocking Guide's website administrator and contact, lives in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. (The cat has no meaning - it is just cute.)


This Adrian's Select Sing Along Songs book is provided in Adobe PDF format and contains one hundred and nine pages of old popular songs written in large bold lettering for use around the night campfire.  All you need is a printer, a fair voice and, perhaps, a guitar.  If you are a guitar player, the chords to Adrian's Select Sing Along Songs are also available in smaller print.

Don't have the Adobe Reader? Download it from here. 


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Last Updated: April 15, 2009