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My favourite quotes from the best book that Scott Adams wrote, The Dilbert Principle (1997):
Don't be lulled into a sense of false security by management's oft-stated interest in getting feedback. There are only two safe things to say to a manager:
  • "Your decisions are brilliant!"
  • "I have an idea on how to save some paper!"
  • Managers are like cats in a litter box. They instinctively shuffle things around to conceal what they've done.
    Leaders are people who can pursue a path that is seemingly nonsensical or even dangerous to everybody else. Common sense tells us that nobody needs a leader to take the path that's intuitive; people would do that on their own. Therefore, since the leader recommends a path that is seemingly illogical to the "average" person, we can conclude that a leader must be either:
    1. So smart that nobody can share the vision
    2. A nitwit
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