Lily (Erb) Kaltenbach - Schwar Verdiant

My mother Lily wrote this little story 11 Nov., 1999. She was quite ill at the time and her thoughts turned often to her past, her family and her home.

This Remembrance Day poem is written in the dialect (transcribed without edits from her notes) of her region of Alsace...

Image of French WWII lieutenant, thanks to TXZeiss at Flickr: Schwar Verdiant - Erinnerungen an den zweiten Weltkrieg

A Bliamel, a Gabatt, un liawi Gedanka han sie schwar verdiant,
dia Bueawa un Manner em zweida Kriai wo nem han kenna Heim.
Ob Schmitt oder Messinger, egal we dia Illhisemer g'heissa han,
a Jeda esch uns in Erinnerung, sie han ehr Lawa gan.
Zuaviel vo unserem kleina Derfel, se nem komma Heim
vergassa sie net e eirem Gabatt,
sie han's jo schwar verdiant.

Lily Kaltenbach, nee Erb
Geschrieben am 11 Nov. 1999, in Edmonton.