Image of Randy Kaltenbach and Richard Huntrods Here is where the work gets done. You can see me providing hot air (of which I have a good supply) for Richard Huntrods. You can see more pictures of the process at huntrods.com. This work was done at the Alberta College of Art and Design. A short video of the process was shown on the Discovery Channel Canada and can be viewed on YouTube uploaded by How It's Made as seen on Discovery Channel Canada.

Image of Tyler Rock This is Tyler Rock finishing a goblet. Now this guy is really good!

I am a member of the Glass Art Association of Canada (GAAC) - an organization of glass artists across Canada.

Commissions: I will gladly accept commissions as long as you are patient. I am a low-volume producer and may take months to produce a specific piece. For more information, contact me by e-mail.

You can always identify my original work by my stylized RK mark Image of RKMark engraved on the base,
although a limited number of pieces also carry my signature.