How To

Using your Microsoft Word Processor, you can make a hypertext markup file that any browser on the internet can read.

Make this as a list of titles or web sites you want to see every day or as often as you start up your browser.

Link all the titles to websites or files on your own computer -- as long as it is on your computer, it is private..

Save the file on your computer somewhere where it will not get erased, but where you can find it to update it easily and often.

Remember, or write down the full address of the file so you can type it into the address bar on your computer.

When you have it showing on your web browser you can go to the options menu on the browser and make the current page (the one you just made) to be your home page.

From there it works like a well organized directory of links do what you want. Of course you can add to the names and links or improve them at will.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Word and type in a title.

Step 2. Save it as a web page or a html (or htm) file -- depending on what is available. You can name it as you will, but index.htm. is ok as long as there is not already a file of that name in the same directory.

Step 3. Now type in and set up the page as you will with the lists of things you want to be able to find. Make the names meaningful to you, they do not have to be the same as the web link or file name.

Step 4. Highlight just the name you want to make a link for, usually one to a line, but it could be words in a sentence. But just the title you want to use.

Step 5. Click on the link icon (usually a chain link) and the link form will come up. Here you must find the file on your computer that you want to link to, or remember the exact spelling of a world wide web link. Fortunately the copy feature can be used if you have your browser open at the same time. Find the page you want to go to on your browser, highlight the address in the address bar, and copy it (alt+c). Then go back to your Word document and the link form and paste the link in (alt+v).

Step 6. When you accept the information you have entered in the link form the highlighted word(s) should be underlined in blue. You have made a link.

Step 7. Try it out. Save the file. Find the file, and click on it. The browser should open it, and you should see the underlined words. Now click on this link, and if it does what you want, then you have succeeded. Continue on with the rest, and make sure you save it.