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Coalhurst Societies and Businesses - 1924

Our Treasured Heritage-
A History of Coalhurst and District - Pages 35-36
(Editor's note - Article also includes occupations of
members of the community
* Indicates information added from pages 41-43)

A P.O. and town 2 miles east of Kipp, which is on the C.P.R. Crow's Nest line and the nearest C.P.R. telegraph and Dom. Express office and 7 miles northwest of Lethbridge. In Lethbridge Prov. Elec. Div. Stage from Kipp. Has Alberta Govt. long distance, rural and local telephones. Presbyterian, Catholic and Pentecostal churches and two schools. At the present time coal mining is the principal industry. The North American Collieries Ltd., owners Lethbridge Colliery, has daily capacity of 2,000 tons. Imperial coal is the output. The district surrounding Coalhurst was placed under irrigation in the fall of 1922 for turning on the water. The town is very active at this time and the citizens anticipate that the year 1924 will show the town to be in the centre of one of the best irrigated districts of Southern Alberta. The town has no bonded debt and a low tax rate, pure water supply and electric light. Headquarters of Provincial Police.

The business portion of the town consists of five general stores, one hardware store, one bank, one garage, one blacksmith shop, one meat market, one billiard hall, one moving picture theatre and dance hall, one laundry, one barber shop, one bakery, two restaurants, a general hospital and resident doctor.

The societies are represented by the District Board of Trade, Community Club, Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, Ladies Art Needlework Club, Miners' Union, and the Tennis Club. The Odd Fellows own the finest hall in the district. Population. 1200. Alberta Prov Police C D McWilliams Atkins C B mine surveyor Lethbridge Colliery Birse Alexander overman Lethbridge Colliery Black Henry fireman Lethbridge Colliery Bublick Joe dry goods boots and shoes Cash Joe J pay clk Lethbridge Colliery Coalhurst Bakery W G Mathers prop. Coalhurst Hospital Dr W W Inkrote surg in charge Coalhurst Meat Market & Grocery Store Domenick Sorbara prop *Connor Kathleen School Teacher Conners Thomas driver T Pavan Croucher Bert stableboss Lethbridge Colliery Cunning Arthur F. asst storekeeper Lethbridge Colliery Davidson Agnes schl tchr Davis John loco eng Lethbridge Colliery *Deds Stephen Switchman Lethbridge Colliery *Dixon Stephen Fire Boss Lethbridge Colliery Doran Dorothy schl tchr Ferguson John fire boss Lethbridge Colliery Flinn May schl tchr Gammon Robert J blacksmith Gordon Wm loco fireman Lethbridge Colliery *Griep Fred Prop Mine View Hotel *Griep Mack Clk Mine View Hotel Grisack Annie clk P 0 Gusella Henry E ledger Standard Bk *Hatch Lucy head nurse Coaldale Hosp. Hatton Thomas miner North Amer Collieries Haughen R J sec treas schl Heap Robt overman North Amer Collieries *Higney John Fire boss Lethbridge Collieries *Holmes John Local Eng. Lethbridge Collieries I 0 0 F Hall Inkrote Warren W phys and surgeon in charge- Coalhurst Hospital Kehough John timekeeper Lethbridge Colliery Keith John D pit boss Lethbridge Colliery *King Verda B. Nurse Coaldale Hosp. Knox John fire boss Lethbridge Coll *Langtry Percy S. shipper Lethbridge Colliery *Le Blanc Regina school Teacher Lee Kee Restaurant, Cigars, Fruits, and- Confectionery Lethbridge Colliery North American Collieries Ltd owners coal miners Lindsay James fire boss Lethbridge Colliery Lindsay John fire boss Lethbridge Colliery *Loxton John fire boss Lethbridge Colliery *Luxton George fire boss Lethbridge Colliery McCulloch Robert feed barn McDermott's J I and W E McDermott gen store McDermott James I of McDermott's P M, real estate- and ins conveyancing and Official admr. McDonald Esdale clk Finlay McDonald McDonald Finlay genl store McDonald Mary bkpr Finlay McDonald McInnes James surface foreman Lethbridge Colliery McInnes Wm fireman Lethbridge Colliery McIntyre Joseph power house eng Lethbridge Colliery *McIsaac Margaret school teacher *McKay Bert burtcher D. Sorbara *McKenzie Grant clk Percival's Cash Grocery McLeod Edson barber McMahon James chief elec Lethbridge Colliery McMahon Wm master mech Lethbridge Colliery *McMullen Daniel A. traffic mgr. Lethbridge Colliery McNabb M fire boss Lethbridge Colliery *McPherson John fire boss Lethbridge Colliery *McUlloch Robert feed barn McWilliams Charles D prov police *Machin Wm. S. power house eng. Lethbridge- Colliery Mah Chew laundry Mathers Wesley G prop Coalhurst Bakery *Mine View Hotel Morrisey Joseph weighman Lethbridge Colliery *Morrisey Josephine clk Percival's Cash Grocery *Munro Adeline school teacher *Munroe Claude hoisting eng. Lethbridge Colliery *Nesbitt James shoemaker Nicol Charles dairy North American Collieries Ltd owners Lethbridge Colliery Patton Andrew boarding house Pavan Tony grocer *Pavan Groceries, Hardware and Auto Supplies Peacock Chas fire boss Lethbridge Coll *Pelletier Philemene clk Percival's Cash Grocery *Percival's Cash Grocery Percival's Billiard Hall P H Percival prop confy and cigars *Percival James T. mgr Percival's Cash Grocery Percival John T mgr Percival's Billiard Hall *Percival Percy H. billiars and soft drinks and prop- Percival's Cash Grocery Percival Preston H prop Percival's Billiard Hall and Reeve Pitt Ernest switchman Lethbridge Coll Postmaster J I McDermott Purvis Slyvus chf storekpr Lethbridge Colliery Quigley Daniel H mine supt Lethbridge Colliery *Regent Theatre Thomas Hatton mgr Robertson Mary housekeeper Coalhurst Hosp Sawada Joseph elec Lethbridge Colliery Secretary of Village George Watson *Skidmore Herbert fan eng. Lethbridge Colliery *Skidmore Wm. elec. Lethbridge Colliery Smith David boiler insptr Lethbridge Colliery Smith Fred hoisting eng Lethbridge Colliery Sorbara Domenick prop Coalhurst Meat Mkt, Poultry,- and Produce, Cattle Buyer Standard Bank of Canada L G Thomas mgr Start Howard fan eng Lethbridge Colliery Stetz Alex timber foreman Lethbridge Colliery Thomas Llewellyn G. mgr Standard Bk *Turner John H. mine surveryor Letrhbridge Colliery *Village Official Administrator J. I. McDermott Village Reeve - P H Percival * W.G. Mathers, Prop. Baker, Confectionery, - Cigars and Tobacco Watmough John Dairy Watson George School Prin and sec of Village *West Kenneth A. chief clk Lethbridge Colliery White Harry Trafic Mgr Lethbridge Colliery Whyte John Dairy *Wright Samuel T. fire boss Lethbridge Colliery *Yucytus Mary elk Coalhurst Bakery

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