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Village of Coalhurst - 1915

Our Treasured Heritage-
A History of Coalhurst and District - Pages 8-9
January 4th, 1913 to December lst, 1936
- Records of the Dept. of Municipal Affairs, Edmonton
- Supplied by the Provincial Archives, Edmonton
- Edited by Edward Ferguson, L.G.A., Administrator

Reeve: James Isidore McDermott (Official Reeve). No councillors. Secretary-Treasurer: Isaac Whitefield. Auditor: Donald McNeil

Jan. 9/1915 - Deputy Minister to Isaac Whitefield, Secretary Treasurer in reply to letter of Dec. 21st, 1914. Asking, if another nomination is called did Mr. Whitefield think that Councillors would be elected, or would be competent and willing to act as Official Councillors if appointed by the Minister.

Jan. 9/1915 - Deputy Minister to Isaac Whitefield, why he was signing as Secretary Treasurer, as they had not been advised that Mr. Ben Hitchen had resigned and a new appointment made.

Jan. 26/1915 - Letter C. S. Dore to Deputy Minister. Informing the Minister that he, Mr. Dore, had purchased N.W.V4 Sec. 22-9-22-4 some years ago and transferred two acres to the Diamond City Railway Company, the Village and the school levied taxes against Mr. Dore on the two acres transferred to the Railway Company, Mr. Dore asked the Deputy Minister to adjust this matter.

Jan. 25 /1915 - Isaac Whitefield, Secretary Treasurer to the Minister of Municipal Affairs in reply to the letter of Jan. 9th, 1915. Informing the Minister in his opinion it would be useless to call another nomination meeting as most of the ratepayers are foreigners and the English-speaking people seem to take no interest in municipal affairs. Barringham and Watson held office as Councillors in 1914, and they suggested to recommend to the Minister that their names along with J. I. McDermott, the Post Master, stand as Councillors. Frank Barringham held the office of Reeve during this time. In reference to Mr. Whitefield, Council had appointed him because they had trouble with assessment and getting out taxes. Ben Hitchen tendered his resignation, D. H. Quigley succeeding him as Secretary Treasurer, and in Oct. 1914, Quigley resigned, and Whitefield resigned from Council to become Secretary Treasurer as they did not have anybody capable of handling the books so he did his best for the advantage of the Village.

Feb. 15/1915 - A. D. Fidler, Inspector of Municipal Affairs to John Pierrie Deputy Minister. Informing the Deputy Minister that the affairs of the Village were in a very bad state. The Councillors seem to lack business ability and affairs were very poorly handled. The Secretary Treasurer was changed five times during 1914, and Mr. Whitefield has not had all the books transferred to him. He has been collecting taxes and issuing receipts but the cash book is still in the hands of Mr. Quigley, the previous secretary. Mr. Fidler contacted several large ratepayers who mentioned that Mr. James Isidore McDermott would be the most competent to act as Official Reeve. Mr Fidler interviewed Mr. McDermott and considered him competent to act as Official Reeve and Mr. McDermott was willing to accept the position, Mr. McDermott held the position of Post Master and was a hardware merchant. Mr. Fidler suggested when the appointment was made that the books be auditted and then handed to the present Secretary Treasurer. The Inspector could not inspect the books owing to them not being posted. The Village was in a good financial state with no outstanding liabilities and about $300.00 credit.

Feb. 20/1915 - Order by Wilfrid Garrepy, Minister of Municipal Affairs to appoint James Isidore McDermott, Official Reeve for 1915, because he was satisfied that no Councillors had been elected for 1915.

Mar. 20/1915 - Deputy Minister to Official Reeve in reply to the letter of Mar. 17th, 1915 with reference to the inquiry amount to be paid to the Official Reeve, that there was no fixed fee, but the Deputy would order payment of sufficient to reimburse for time spent.

May 19/1915 - A. D. Fidler, Inspector, to Deputy Minister. Recommended a sum of $200.00 be paid to Mr. McDermott for 1915, and it would not cost more than 1914 because in 1914 a solicitor was employed at the same amount - and Mr. McDermott had dispensed with his services for 1915.

Aug. 30/1915 - Isaac Whitefield, Secretary Treasurer, to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, on the instruction of the Official Reeve. He informed the Minister that the assessment value for 1915 is ($20,314.00) and the amount required by the Village expenses is ($1000.00) and making allowance for nonpayment of taxes would be ($1,500. 00) and asked the department advise because the Village Act would not allow a mill rate of 20 mills, which would produce $406.28.

Sept. 8/1915 - Audit report from D. MacNeil to the Official Reeve, stating the books were in poor state and that Gus Newbury, the Dog Catcher, had been overpaid $25.60 and no records were kept.

Nov. 27/1915 - Letter from the Official Reeve to the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Enquiring if an election of Councillors be called for 1915. The Act called for a nomination meeting on the first Monday in December and that the Municipal Inspector check into the situation.

Nov. 27/1915 - Letter from the Official Reeve to the Minister informing the Minister that Mr. Isaac Whitefield had resigned and Council had appointed Mr. A. E Cunning as Secretary Treasurer.

Nov. 30/1915 - Deputy Minister to A. F Cunning, Secretary Treasurer, in reply to the letter from the Official Reeve to the Minister informing that it was too late to have an election on the dates provided in the Act, and the Municipal Inspector would look into the matter and that it was advisable that the business be carried on by the Council in 1916 and an election be arranged at a later date than fixed by the Act.

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