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After my UH-6F project,and after having watched my kids have fun, I am anxious to hover my self.

So I decided on the UH-10T2 from Universal Hovercraft.
It uses a 10hp engine for thrust, and  a 3.5 hp engine for lift.
It uses foam rib consruction, although there is an option for using wooden ribs.

As I deliberated between the foam and wooden ribs, I finally decided on neither,
I would just build the hull from solid foam like the UH-6F.

  • it's quicker to build
  • it's more forgiving when landing on rocks
  • less likely to fall apart (I think)
  • I could stop collecting milk jugs
  • vacuum bagging is fascinating!
  • the people at Universal Hovercraft thought it was a good idea

    I suppose my craft is more like the UH-10F with a lift engine.
    What to call it? I thought of UH-10T2/10F or maybe the UH-10T2F,
    or another suggestion was a Super 10F.

    Construction Photo's

    Hull and Lift Duct  | Deck and Cockpit   |  Thrust Duct, Props and Fans


    Hull and Lift Duct

    hovercraft hull

    underside of hull with inner and outer attach strips in place (epoxy)
    Blue or Pink foam? I used both, and I used Great Stuff foam in a can to bond the
    2'x 8' x 2" sheets to each other

    In the upper left of the photo, you can see the lift duct. I actually built this for my UH-6F,
    but I ruined  my nice handiwork on the blue foam, by using fiberglass resin on it.
    (that's why it's called a trainer)
    Instead of repairing the damage, I just built another one,
    and never got around to throwing this one out. I'm glad I didn't, because with a little spray can foam,
     this will become my  new lift duct.

    Hovercraft hull, with my helper

    Dad's little helper. You can also see my finished thrust duct mounted to  my
     work bench in the lower left.

    installation of lift duct
    Installation of the lift duct with
    Spray can foam (Great Stuff: minimal expanding)

    From the top. You can see how this duct was originally for the UH-6F

    I mounted it at an arbitrary angle, mostly for cosmetics, as the benefits of an angled lift duct are minimal
    below 40-50 mph. (like I would know)

    lift duct with engine mounts and  extra foam  wrapping

    May as well throw in the lift engine mounts while there's still foam in the can.
    You can only use the can for a couple of hours, so plan ahead.
     I also wrapped the duct with some more foam for saftey.
    (That's where my feet will be)

    lift duct and motor mounts
    Here you can see the outline of the body, and the body panels laying to the side

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