Here's my first attempt at cheese making. had lots of problems, one being my new digit meter being unreliable.

Nov 10 2006

Basic ingredients, Vegetarian Rennet, Calcium Chloride for store bought milk, and Culture (MA4002) to stimulate the cheese type :) I added some camembert rind as the culture for the specific cheese I want to have.

Placed the milk in a water bath to get to the attempted right temp 88f.

Added 250mls Whipping cream.

After 90 min it looked half done, mostly solid but some still thin, possibly didn't mix it enough.

3 hours later more definition in curds.

Let it sit for some time again .

let it strain for a couple hours then added some sea salt then added to moulds.

Next day their half the size.

Took them out, cheesecloth was a mess, looked like dogs breakfast LOL, the second one was still runny so but it back in the mould without the cheesecloth. The moulds are protein mix containers 4.5 inch diam, then drilled them. But it in a container for more draining.

Nov 11, 2006

Nov 15

Sign of fur :)

Nov 17 2006. Placed in fridge for ripening, approximate. 50F. Blue spotting started appearing.

Nov 20

Nov 22

Interesting sweating occurring.

Nov 27.

If you look closely you can see some of the liquid cheese oozing out.

Dec. 25

Was concerned because I had a taste from one of the love handles ;) and it tasted good then got a horrific aftertaste, like urea or something. Cut it open today to see if it can be saved and found that the inner part was fine, it was just the rind. Apparently when the cheese ripens too fast (had it at room temp for a week) it creates urea/ammonia in being over ripe.