Blue Cheese


Nov 11 2006

Here is my second project. I used the same technique as the camembert, used the second half of the starter from the camembert batch. Used blue cheese from the store, tried to get high quality.

Still having problems with the temp gage (will be buying another one real quick) the milk started of at 70F according to the meter. Added milk to the Blue Cheese and mixed it into a fluid and added it to the mix. The calcium chloride and Bio Rennet (1/4 tsp).

30 after mixing the mix temp was 80F.

90min after temp was 82F.

3 hours later cut the curds.

The curds firmed up real nice, forgot to add extra cream to the mix :(

Let it settle and after 3 hours from rennet introduction didn't separate as the first batch did.

Tried putting them into mould right away but found it a mess, so i put it in a colander with cheesecloth first then back into the moulds.

Next day I took out of the moulds and salted the outside with sea salt.

Used makeshift draining plates by using yogurt lit's punched with holes.

Nov 12 2006

Nov 15

looks like fur starting to grow :)


Nov 17 2006. Placed in fridge approximate 50F . The smell of blue cheese is now apparent :)

Nov 20.

Starting to blue.

Nov 21. Blueing continuing to propagate.

Dec 10.

Jan 17 07.

Hmm, liquid cheese, Yummm, Fondue time.

The lid had closed and their was no air circulation, should have checked more often.