FTP_PKG.zip contains:
A DOS ftp program as well as a ppp(modem) dialer and the complimentary tools to find the modem settings.

LSPPP.CF_ 617 Sample lsppp configurations file
COMTOOL.COM 3648 Finds modem settings
TERMIN.COM 1514 Utility to terminate the packet
LSPPP.EXE 36560 Modem Dialer
WIZARD.EXE 22092 Arachne modem wizard
DOSFTP.TXT 1056 List of DOS ftp sites
ARAFTP.TXT 646 Sites where you will find Arachne Web Browser
COPYING.TXT 18434 License
SACFTP.TXT 604 SAC ftp download sites
LSPPP.TXT 939 Lsppp switches
README.TXT 9367 Lsppp readme
FILES.TXT 635 List of zipped files
FTP.EXE 51702 File transfer protocol program. Will work with modem or Network connection.
13 files 147814 bytes Download   ftp_pkg.zip 93188 bytes or
Download   DOS ftp only 51684 bytes. Good for 1.44 toolbox!
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