DOS HTGET v1.02d


Well, here you are:
you have a packet driver loaded and minimum resources...

"DOS HTGET 1.02" may not be the most powerfull internet client in the world, but it just might be what you need! Designed to retrieve "http://" type URLs one at a time, it makes a great DOS internet bootstrap (29,090 bytes) to include on your emergency disks. It has also been used to create the Dos Tiny Browser (about 85 Kb ).

Unlike versions found on all major archives, HTGET v1.02d is BOOTP/DHCP ready. This means that if you can already connect to an internet service provider (ISP) and it uses BOOTP or DHCP auto-configuration (which most do) HTGET will 'connect'. provides you with a compressed version of HTGET, a copy of TCPINFO "in case" you do have trouble and need to create or manually configure some WATTCP.cfg settings AND it also includes .BAT files that you can launch to get self-installing executable copies of

DC - DOS CONTROLLER a tiny file manager/reader (5,630 bytes)
DOSFTP - a bootp/dhcp friendly DOS FTP program (51,702 bytes)
DOSLYNX - v35b Full featured DOS text browser (self-extracting archive) -- can run on 720k floppy
EZEDIT - a 4096 byte DOS text editor
HLIST - Martin Goebbel's offline HTML file viewer (20,084 bytes)
MERCURY - a DOS Mail/News program to download your pop mail (39,178 bytes)
UFOEDIT - (now) freeware multi-pane text editor similar to MS edit (48,040 bytes)

Minimal Computing

The HTP-NET package was designed for minimal resource internet computing. If you have 100K left on a 360K floppy and already have a packet driver loaded, you should be able to get somewhere with this...

Makes the ideal DOS internet bootstrap!

HTP-NET the DOS Internet Bootstrap home is at