Useful Books

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Ryan, Lisa Grail Insect Musicians and Cricket Champions China Books & Periodicals,inc. San Fancisco 1996

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Bartholic, Edward, Cricket and Sparrow, Collins, 1997

Burkholder, Mabel, When Crickets Sing, Pathway 1974

Chang, Margaret, The Cricket Warrior, Maxwell MacMillian canada 1994

Czernecki, Stefan, A Chinese Folktale for Children, Hyperion Books 1997

Cosgrove, Stephan, Crick-ette, Rourke Enterprises 1984

De Ma, Crickets folklore, china Foreign languages press 1980

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Helfer, Jacque, How to Know the Grasshoppers, Cockroaches and their Allies, W. C. Brown 1963

Janosch, The Cricket and the Mole, Bradbury press 1987

Keats, Ezra, Jack Maggie and the Pirate, tourwinds press 1979

Mistral, Gabriela, Crickets and Frogs, a fable Atheneum Publishing 1972

Grillos y Ranas (in Spanish too!)

Ness, Evaline, A Pocket Full of Cricket, Holt Rinehart Winston 1964

Porter, Keith Discovering Crickets and Grasshoppers Bookwright press 1986

Sablon, Susan M. The Cricket and the Worm Little King Publishing, 1990

Simon, Seymour Discovering What Crickets Do Macgraw Hill,1973

Ross, Micheal Elsohn, 1996 Cricketology Carolrhoda books Minneapolis

Van Soelen, Phillip Cricket in the Grass Scribner Sierra club books 1979

Watts, Barrie Grasshoppers and Crickets f. Watts 1991

Yo Hasegawa The Cricket Raintree publishers 1986

There's a Cricket in the Library Willowisp Press 1991

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