Photos From Australia - 1997

In October and November 1997, we spent a month in Australia. We started in Sydney, spent a week in Cairns and two weeks in Perth and places south. Here are a few images from that trip

The Kookaburras:

In Denmark (on the southwest coast) we stayed in a cabin nestled up in the Eucalyptus trees. There were Kookaburra families all around. The family that "owned" our cabin came to visit repeatedly.

  • A Kookaburra next to Elsa
  • In search of food
  • A close up
  • The Valley of the Giants:

    Here are two views of the suspension bridge that lets you walk up into the canopy.

  • tree_walk1.jpg
  • tree_walk.jpg
  • Koalas:

    Some views of koalas at a breeding colony just north of Perth:

  • koala_vocal.jpg
  • koala1.jpg
  • Some other photos:

  • One of many beaches south of Perth
  • The Simpsons Selling Potato Chips!
  • A vineyard in the Margaret River area
  • Elsa in a tree hollow

  • I hope you like the photos.

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